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Service condition & production status of UHMWPE Pipe
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Service condition & production status of UHMWPE Pipe of oil field & oil well in CHINA 
In the oil field oil well steel pipe commonly used specifications for ¢73 and ¢89 two high material alloy seamless steel pipe, wall thickness of 5.51 mm and 6.5 mm, tube inner diameter of 61.98 mm and 76 mm.There are other specifications, such as ¢93.56 other specs, but the dosage is not big.
Domestic oil well depth of single well is usually 1000-3000 m, also have individual oilfield single well over 5000 m deep.
Oil tubing when repairing tubing is generally tubing repair factory, will be able to reuse when oil well steel pipe with ultra high molecular weight polyethylene pipe(UHMWPE Pipe), or purchased from tube mill of new steel tube assembly directly.
Oil well pipe with the advantages of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene pipes (UHMWPE Pipe)for eccentric wear resistance, prevent wax, prolong and check well paraffin removal cycle, increase the quantity of oil, reduce oil consumption, and so on, improve the comprehensive service life more than four times.
Now the shengli oilfield, daqing oilfield has been finished the trial experiment, the effect of comprehensive benefits, now the domestic oil field oil Wells are actively promote ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene liner, shandong dongying shengli oilfield has 13 production plant, the number of years workover each production plant is about 200, the demand for oil well liner 600000 meters, the daqing oil production Wells and replacement plans issued three games in 2012 to 60, is expected to use ultra pipes is about 180000 m.Only has 12 production plant, daqing oil field oil well over 40000, the total in China in addition to the daqing oil field, liaohe oilfield, shengli oilfield, tuha oil field, and so on large-scale oilfield, a year, and each field in new Wells, high dosage of tubing.Huge market potential
According to the standard of sinopec, tubing and replacement demand with ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene pipes (UHMWPE Pipe) for ¢65 * 3.5 mm, 79 * 4.2 mm pipe products.Through the use of special equipment "necking machine" wear into the steel pipe to pipe smoothly.Use of plastic tubing elasticity recovery function (also called a pipe memory function), that the set of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene pipe and steel pipe to achieve "tight".Need because of the season, climate, environment temperature, different aging treatment (elastic recovery) of different times.
Oil well steel pipe connection way for pipe thread connection, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene pipe (UHMWPE Pipe) should be a little longer than oil well steel pipe, after the pipe aging treatment, the use of special tools will grow flanging process the part on both ends of the pipe, not to interfere with steel pipe connection is good,
Because of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene elongation at break is generally lower than 350%, and the method with a cold extrusion diameter less than 70 mm products, products on the surface of high crystallinity, high pipe material hardness, elongation at break are lower, wear-resisting lower (do not conform to the requirements of the standard oil field).So, do not recommend using cold production Wells liner top way, and use of composite materials production of oil well liner polyethylene (add) way
Oil well pipe in a cluttered market prices, some manufacturers in hebei is using ordinary polyethylene pipe instead of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene pipe (UHMWPE Pipe), the polymer pipes, ¢65 x 3.5 mm market between 15 to 18 yuan/m, purchaser usually turn a blind eye, products are generally not inspection.Existing dongying market is relatively mature, ¢65 x 3.5 mm pipe 22 yuan/meters (excluding tax), 79 x 4.2 mm tubing 29 RMB/m (excluding tax), but the high requirement of products, each batch are in accordance with the standard of sinopec shengli oilfield inspection time, is not in conformity with the quality requirements to exchange or refund. 


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