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Wear resistance and impact resistance of UHMWPE pipe
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Wear resistance and impact resistance of UHMWPE pipe

In recent years, with the development of innovative technology, mature, UHMWPE pipe technology in our country Extensive used in various fields.It focus on the advantages of all kinds of plastic, is currently the most ideal pipe material, has been said As "amazing" engineering plastics.In 2007 our country plastic pipe production has more than 3 million tons, Since 2000, China in the world ranking of UHMWPE pipe production is already in the second.

In 2001 by the ministry of science and technology as a national key scientific and technological achievements promotion plan, belongs to the chemical class of new products. UHMWPE pipe one of the most striking feature is that it has high wear resistance, tolerance, in Transport all kinds of slurry when more than 4 to 7 times the steel pipe, stainless steel pipe, polypropylene 10 times, 2.3 times that of PE, phenolic 17.9 times that of the resin, this performance is particularly valuable in many engineering applications.Example: mud flushing Experiments show, the volume of cast iron pipe loss is 15, and UHMWPE pipe according to the volume loss due to 6.This is a more obvious parameters contrast, embrittlement and the aging speed is very slow, itself has the very

Good stability.In the dredging industry, chemical industry, petroleum, mining, construction and other fields, its wear resistance is the best And thus greatly enhance the service life of, durable. UHMWPE pipe abrasion resistance, impact resistant properties UHMWPE pipe has high impact resistance, impact strength at room temperature is 2 times of the PC, more than 10 times of PE100, - is 30 degrees of PE100 16 times more;At the same time, when the environment temperature is lower, the stronger the impact resistant ability.The impact resistance is so high that using the usual test method to determine, it is hard to make the fracture damage.UHMWPE pipe has extraordinary flexibility.

Its surface hardness is higher, after repeated shocks make it without composite pipe, can resist all kinds of external force Strike, crustal deformation and other factors.Minimum friction coefficient of UHMWPE pipe, together with ultra-high molecular chain Special long, than steel pipe safer and more reliable.Shock absorbing peak for plastic, sound good, Thus in the process of conveying maximum limit reduces the liquid flow noise. Through the analysis, it can be seen that UHMWPE pipe is a kind of more suitable for industrial use System, the performance indicators are very ideal, obvious advantages, safe and reliable, and is also a kind of moderate price excellent Domestic wear-resisting pipe and is now ranked forefront.

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