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UHMWPE tailings pipe---Granulum medium of transmission pipel
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UHMWPE tailings pipe---Granulum medium of transmission pipeline

All non-ferrous metal ore dressing and ferrous metal processing from the tail of the pulp, to be transported to the tailings storage, the current domestic mainstream mode of transport is using UHMWPE tailings pipe. UHMWPE tailings pipe mainly used in the ultra high molecular weight polyethylene pipe.
Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) refers to stick all molecular weight in 1.5 million more than the linear structure of polyethylene (PE), due to its high molecular weight, its wear resistance, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, self-lubrication and excellent comprehensive performance and is called people affectionately known as "plastic" amazing, but processing more difficult.In recent years due to the piston push, single screw extruder, such as technological breakthroughs, to realize the continuous production of industrialization, UHMWPE pipes to the development of China and the world of tailings pipe brings a qualitative breakthrough.The pipe has the following advantages:
(1) the wear resistance of the plastic crown, 7 ~ 10 times that of carbon steel, stainless steel;
(2) the plastic impact strength listed in the first place, five times as many as 2 times for PC, ABS, and keep under liquid nitrogen temperature (196 ℃);
(3) self-lubricating, anti adhesion, no scale, low friction coefficient, can be comparable to ptfe (PTEE);
(4) impact energy absorption value is the highest in all the plastic, and sound attenuation; UHMWPE tailings pipe
(5) the chemical stability is good, in a certain temperature and the concentration range can all kinds of corrosive medium and organic medium;
(6), good low temperature resistance, in the liquid helium temperature (269 ℃) remains under the ductility;
(7) internal pressure strength, excellent resistance to environmental stress cracking resistance, resistance to rapid crack;
(8) health, non-toxic, can be in contact with food and medicine.
The above all sorts of performance not only can make the UHMWPE pipes conveying fluid, gas, and transportation of solid particles, powder and other loose material and slurry mixture of solid and liquid material, so as to expand the application range of the plastic pipe material, UHMWPE tailings pipe, mining wear-resisting pipe, etc are the successful use of UHMWPE tailings pipe.In other words, the success of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene tailings pipe, created the myth of small particles pipeline!

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