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Pay attention to root governance, open up tailings renewable
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Pay attention to root governance, open up tailings renewable resources

Tailings resources management has been a problem of concern.With the sustained and rapid development of economy in our country, the metal product tax increasingly shortage, high concentrate prices stored up for re-election, mine tailings, research and development of tailings comprehensive utilization of new technology has become an important measure for sustainable development of mining.Tail is mine ore grinding fine selection of emission tail slurry dewatering formed after the useful components of solid materials, directly from the mineral resources at a time.Different tail mineral rate of the metal ore dressing, ferrous metal, chemical mineral mountain is 50%, non-ferrous metal is 70% ~ 95%, tungsten, molybdenum, tantalum, gold and other rare metals is as high as 99%, so recycling value is very high.

Comprehensive utilization of tailings can be divided into the overall use of (including after extraction of valuable components of the overall use of) and two comprehensive recycling valuable components, can take advantage of the enterprise existing conditions.Tailings using whole, can be used as building material raw material, mine filling, also can steal land reclamation, such as construction of tourist attractions.Comprehensive utilization of tailings, a variety of valuable components can develop high value-added, multi-function new materials, etc., make the tailings utilization, harmless, waste, improve the social and economic benefits, embodies the concept of ecological industry.Among them, the tailings pipe for the regeneration of the pipeline made an indispensable contribution.

For the convenience of tailings after recycling, mining units should be started from tailings to produce reasonable arrangement of the tailings resource, with super wear resistance of tailing pipeline transmits to the tailings, the tailings resource ban heap of the place, to prevent other resources such as land occupied or pollution.

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